Friday, 17 March 2017


I organise bus tours for bus enthusiasts using vehicles that are usually restricted to school duties.

Details informing you about planned bus tours will be advertised on this site.

My bus tours are organised on a not for profit basis for bus enthusiasts.

All are welcome to join me on these bus tours and nobody needs to pre-book neither do you need to be part of a group.

Johnson Brothers Running Day

On Saturday 22nd April 2017, I've organised a running day with Johnson Brothers of Hodthorpe.

The day will start with a pick up at 10:30am from Chesterfield rail station (return by 17:30).

The main aim during this event will be to enjoy rides on 7 different Olympian's from their fleet.

For a full days travel on board this running day the fare has been set at an £15 per person which is payable on the day.

There will be time given to photograph vehicles both at the depot and during there runs, a short break for lunch will also be included in this running day.

The vehicles we intend to use during this running day are:

A697DDL new to Southern Vectis in 1984

B735GCN new to Northern General in 1985

B736GCN new to Northern General in 1985

F708SDL new to Solent Blue Line in 1989

G804SMV new to Metrobus in 1990

G864XDX new to Chambers in 1989

H807XMY new to Metrobus in 1990

All vehicles are subject to on the day availability on the day.